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The French Ministry of Health promotes sex among seniors to promote mental and physical health.

Sex in senior citizen residences is a theme that is seldom covered publicly but I can personally attest that many seniors 60 through 80 are very active sexually and receptive to engaging in sexual ventures they never would even consider at a younger age.

" Second Female "Sure, he looks nice but my thighs get chaffed when bearded men go down on me." "I prefer dating clean-shaven men." "How about you?

" First Female: "I don't have any trouble with beards." "He could munch on my muff all he wants," she giggled." I wonder if he enjoys eating pussy." Now speaking of eating," she said, "How about finishing our breakfast." "We have to get an early start for the big sale at the mall." I turned around shortly thereafter and saw them set off without turning around so I did not catch a glimpse of their appearances.

She and Leon would be happy to arrange informal introductions at the Friday weekly Happy Hour in our bar and game room and I could circulate to meet others. I commented that I had been celibate long enough and it was time to brighten up my life.

The next morning at breakfast I was sitting by myself drinking coffee and reading the local paper when I overheard a conversation that instantly drew my attention.

I had substantial savings and no nearby family so I could well afford to pay the high buy-in fee and the steep monthly costs, which did include two meals a day and medical facilities and treatment if required.

The manager, Aggie, a very attractive married blonde in her 50's said there was a long waiting list but sometimes vacancies popped up almost overnight due to deaths.Two women with their backs to me were chatting two tables away.First Female: " Did you notice the new man sitting behind us?Introduction: A substantial part of this story is based on factual information, true events in my life or from anecdotal accounts.Specifically, the French senior citizens center mentioned in the story actually exists.One must bear in mind that these people are almost all over 60, which means tits sag.