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‘You’re aware that you’re standing in front of a green screen talking to a tennis ball, but then you relax and it becomes very easy to act as if everything is really there,’ he says.

This must have been a true heartbreak for the Irish star.

During his recent trip to LA, he was seen hanging out with her, which sparked reunion rumors. The two dated for five years before going their own ways.

You have to look into his eyes and you’re like: “F***! ”‘ Twelve weeks of training in preparation to play Kili meant Aidan could add horse riding and ‘being pretty decent with a sword’ to his ever-growing CV. ‘The offer came in and I said: “What the hell’s Poldark? ‘I called my mum and she said: “You’d better not mess this up!

He was awarded Best Male Newcomer at the 2014 Empire Awards. ”‘ The 18th-century romantic saga is the story of soldier Ross Poldark, who returns to his Cornish tin mines after spending three years in the army, only to find the love of his life engaged to another man.

Then years later we met again and it just sort of took off.’ Filming trilogy took Aidan to New Zealand for 18 months early on in their relationship.

He’s since admitted that the times spent apart haven’t always been easy.

His “Poldark” co-star Heida Reed posted a picture of the two on her Instagram. According to him when he was shooting for “The Hobbit” franchise in NZ, there would be time when they would be apart for a longer period; however, on a day without work, the two would catch up, watch movies and just sit around. in other news added that the “Poldark” star confirmed in an interview some time back that he and Sarah parted ways after being in a five-year relationship.

Not wanting to talk more about it, he added that he only wants to focus on his career and keep his private life in his mind.

But Aidan left school still unsure of his next move.

‘I wasn’t very academic, so I didn’t want to go to college,’ he admits.

‘It’s all we’ve ever known and it makes for good times when we meet up again and have a month straight when we’re both unemployed and watching movies every day,’ he says.