Bd p1600 locked up after updating firmware

I tried all the things you guys suggested and nothing worked yesterday. I have one that doesn't make sense either, but one thing in common is they are all samsung.

If there is a problem with Netflix and you sell a tv with that APP then partner with them to relay appropriate messages to your customers.Even Netflix indicated to me that they are working with Samsung to remedy this issue (no fix yet), but that Samsung should have let me know that. I also have a very bad experience with Samsung products as well as their customer service.I haven't been able to stream Netflix on my LG tv for the past few days. The people were nice but basically were reading from a script.They offered no real solutions and seemed embarrassed that they had not been trained to give real, helpful answers.Maybe even run a network cable to it just for the app install. I clicked okay and then it proceeded to delete the netflix app. I have been on the phone for 5 hours today with SAMSUNG!

If you are having a wireless issue, this will bypass it, but other apps don't have a problem....hhhmmm The problem seems to be localized to that app. It posted a message saying it was deleting the app and now I cant find the app in the selections or by searching for it. I've been in customer service for over 20 years and NEVER in my LIFE have I been so disrespected, and rudely spoken to my a bunch of ignorant, customer service agents in my life.I am HARDLY racist, however these are nothing more than minimum age people ready from a script.They no nothing about the products, the technology, nothing.It will not, however, connect to Netflix, When I try to connect via the app or the button on the remote, I get a message saying that I am not connected to the internet instead of the code I'm supposed to get to activate the bluray. Kids tried to record a show on stand alone DVD player / recorder. I assume it is in the video like the old VHS tapes were protected. I surmise the reason Wii's can stream is that it does not have the ability to record. I just want to be able to watch Netflix through my Bluray like the Samsung and Netflix websites swear I can.Of course, I checked the connection right away and I was connected, with all of my wireless bars. All I am trying to do is stream Netflix to my bluray player and it is not working. I am able to stream Netflix to my computer, which does have recording capabilities, without any issues whatsoever.■Smart Blu-ray Player with Web-Connected Apps – built for your TV that connects to digital content such as movies from Netflix or Blockbuster, TV shows from Hulu Plus, videos from You Tube, music from Pandora, and social updates from Facebook or Twitter With the Wii, there is an app that has to be downloaded / installed to get netflix to work. The app has been downloaded and installed on the player without problem.Well i guess I'm not alone in this I have a newer 3D blue ray D5500 hard wired internet connection and connected to a newer 3D Samsung Smart TV.