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Now I know there are going to be people reading this and saying things like, “Why all the games” or “If he’s a real man he’d blah blah blah” or “If he’s the right guy, you don’t need to worry about neediness, etc. This whole “game” thing doesn’t apply after two people get by their own crap. You can’t always expect that the other person is going to be in exactly the place mentally that you want them to be in.

You do, however, have tremendous power over how you think and act.

They had done all the right things, living below their means and accumulating for four decades.

There needs to be hope and signs that we have a shot with the girl and that being with her would be incredible, even though it won’t be easy.

So what’s my clear and simple advice on having a guy chase you (or having a guy chase you again)?

QUIZ: “Are You Accidentally Destroying Your Love Life?

” The problem with neediness isn’t actually a problem with how you interact with other people.

In waiting four years to access Social Security funds, Paul and Paula in effect bought a deferred income annuity at a 46 percent discount to the best price in the open market. Lessons learned Though I had no sexy sales brochures to persuade them, I was able to sell the couple on the idea of buying this government annuity by waiting four years.

I ran my logic by my colleague Steve Vernon, author of "Money for Life"; Mike Piper, author of "Social Security Made Simple"; and Kelli Hueler, and they agreed: The best annuity on the market to protect against outliving one's money is to delay taking Social Security payments.

We had some turmoil in between and I thought I wouldn’t hear from him again.

Then he initiated contact saying that he’s happy we are still friends and we kind of talked on and off for another week or so.

It’s a problem with how you interact with yourself – it just manifests itself in a way that repels people and therefore becomes a relationship problem.

MORE: A Guy’s Take on Neediness The other question to answer is, “Why is he doing this?

I also explained that taking Social Security now would reduce the amount being withdrawn from the portfolio but they would be giving up a higher Social Security paycheck later.