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Yesterday Pam hosted one of our usual storytimes for preschool patrons.

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For your current ones, I’d still see if you can bundle this together with a few other “things you might not realize about being in an office” tips, which I think will minimize some awkwardness (and I bet there are more tips that would be helpful to them).

But if not, then I’d just say this: “I love that y’all make a point of being friendly to coworkers here.

And of course, this only applies to the leave without pay.

You don’t want to mix in her use of actual PTO, which is part of the compensation you’re giving her, as long as she’s scheduling it in a way that doesn’t cause massive, avoidable inconvenience. Someone in my network might want to hire me, and I’m not interested A former coworker who now is running a small consulting firm contacted me via Linked In.

I manage the internship program in my small office.

We have 10 employees and typically a couple interns per semester.

Pam was hired around the same time I was and despite our differences in title we were trained together.

She is around 30 years older than everyone else in our workplace and I think she is self-conscious about it, which makes this issue even more difficult.

When our interns arrive for their shifts, they have to walk past every single person’s office to get to their desk.

I’ve noticed that the interns stop to greet every single person when they arrive and then again to say good bye to every single person when they leave.

The usage is always for travel, not because she’s dealing with an illness or family issues or anything serious. Her attorneys have historically allowed her to do this, as long as their workload is covered when she’s away.