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WHITE HOUSE DOWN by James Vanderbilt A Secret Service agent must fight to protect his daughter, the President, and the country from an attack on the White House.

REPRESENTATIONUTA | Barbara Dreyfus, Jon Huddle, Josh Hornstock Art/Work Entertainment | Julie Bloom STATUSLava Bear Films, Film Nation, 21 Laps Entertainment producing.SOMACELL by Ashleigh Powell In a near-future prison environment that rehabilitates convicts using virtual reality, an investigation into a possible conspiracy leads a prison guard to suspect she may actually be on the wrong side of the system.REPRESENTATIONUTA | Ramses Ishak, Michael Sheresky, Geoff Morley, Scott Carr Energy Entertainment | Brooklyn Weaver STATUSAvailable.MAN OF TOMORROW by Jeremy Slater The world’s first superheroes play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse in 1940’s Chicago.REPRESENTATIONUTA | Charles Ferraro, Tim Phillips Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment | Aaron Kaplan STATUSBasil Iwanyk producing.

CHERRIES by Brian Kehoe & Jim Kehoe Three naive dads band together to stop their sophomore daughters from making good on a prom night sex pact.

REPRESENTATIONParadigm | David Boxerbaum Madhouse Entertainment | Adam Kolbrenner, Ryan Cunningham STATUSDreamworks | Madhouse Entertainment producing.

OUR NAME IS ADAM by TS Nowlin An astronaut travels back in time to enlist the help of his younger self to fix a devastating mistake he made in their future.

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DRAFT DAY by Rajiv Joseph & Scott Rothman Story revolves around the general manager of the Buffalo Bills as he spends the day of the National Football League draft frantically doing whatever needs to be done to secure his team the number one draft pick.

THE DISCIPLE PROGRAM by Tyler Marceca A man begins an investigation into his wife’s mysterious death, only to find that it goes much deeper than he imagined.