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There is a happy energy this month that will hopefully mitigate some of the potential chaos that Uranus' movements tend to make happen.

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Further, Uranus is set to bring some real excitment into your life. This person may not be someone that you would normally gravitate toward but it can open up opportunities that you would never encounter to broaden your perspective and your mind and your idea of love.A new love is the most prevalent option for you or a new very best friend.Know this because when you are around them in an open and honest manner you could just lay yourself open to their scrutiny.If you are in a position of power or are within a close distance of achieving this, you need to understand that there are others within this group that will see you as a threat.Which will be a vast improvement over some of the intensity you are feeling from a past partner or business partnership.

Your house of first marriage is not exactly happy now.

If you currently are bereft of this sort of support, get out there and get noticed.

You will have many opportunities to meet with people with the power to make your life a lot more in keeping with your dreams.

Which is going to try and make things a lot better for you.

You probably have people that have a great deal of power assisting you.

However in some cases these differences will manifest as difficulties that cannot be ameliorated.