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"Ive barely gone through the play but..." --Haider Ali That's a lot of "BUT" there. It hamstrings other disciplines like Philosophical, Dramatic, Theatrical, Poetical and Literary analysis.

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:) I don't think we should have to see Romeo and Juliet as mature and well-adjusted in order to make the point that the whole Capulet v. It's like that ride at Disneyland "It's a small world"...

there really isn't as much distance between people as it seems, it's a world of joys and a world of tears it's a world of hopes and a world of fears... I have a writing task at school on the novel Romeo and Juliet.

I think Shakespeare can be thinking both at the same time, yes they were young and did not cope as best they could with the troubles they faced, but society was to blame too! The tragic flaw of Romeo and Juliet as people that I hear about most often is that they had a failure to communicate.

A communication issue is also a problem that could also be addressed with some therapy sessions.

They don't know the beloved is a member of the rival family when they fall.

Your article trivializes a great piece of poetry, and fails to appreciate Shakespeare's real knowledge of human nature. Peele is on the right track here, Ive barely gone through the play but even with the whatever of the story ive seen or heard of : its been pretty obvious that Romeo and Juliet were never right in the head, they were a bunch of extreme teenagers.Father Laurence tries cognitive behavior therapy: I'll give thee armour to keep off that word: Adversity's sweet milk, philosophy (read "psychology"), To comfort thee, though thou art banished. Follow Stanton on Twitter Afterword: For readers who agree with Julia Holcomb, "Your article trivializes a great piece of poetry, and fails to appreciate Shakespeare's real knowledge of human nature," read her comment and my "Quiz for Shakespeare Fans," which I write further about here.Extremely interesting psychological perspective on the tale! My romantic side, however, thinks your overall take is a bit too cynical.The marriage follows quickly -- the couple has known each other a day (actually, a night)!Father Laurence is the first therapist in literature (Shakespeare doesn't do religion).The play opens with Romeo Montague disconsolate over his lost paramour, Rosaline.