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But if anything, having Sophia has been even more of a shock because we were sure it couldn't happen twice.'I was stunned when I saw her blue eyes and light skin.'Doctors were equally amazed when Sophia was born last March.She adds: 'Each time doctors and midwives have all commented on our babies' amazing colouring.The agencies were selected based on their proven ability to identify effective social media strategies, develop comprehensive social media campaigns, and execute the campaign to achieve desired goals.Various factors are considered when evaluating these agencies, including client reviews, past experience, pricing, market presence, and focus on social media marketing.No-one has heard of a black mum having two white babies one after the other.'While husband Richard, 37, an engineer, is completely white, the couple from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire thought their second child would be much darker than their first.

Catherine said: 'When I had Jonah he was so white both Richard and I thought the midwife had given us the wrong child.'He calculated the possibility of it happening again was less than one in a million.'So when Sophia was born with white skin and blue eyes I was more than taken back with shock.It seems the odds of it happening twice are millions-to-one.Rekoya is made up of a talented team of strategists and creatives who know the Middle Eastern markets inside out.And to top it off, our research revealed that Rekoya’s campaigns have the highest rate of sharing, and lowest cost per engagement in the Middle East. We use it to trigger revolutions, we use it to share the latest news with our friends, and in business, we use it for marketing.