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First of all, she was a super cute child, then a beautiful teenager, a charming and damn sexy actress, a young lady with gorgeous looks and now a wonderful mother.

So much so that the former Bon Jovi guitarist even left his current girlfriend, singer-songwriter Orianthi Paraganis, home, says his rep.

On Wednesday, after Sambora had left for Bora Bora, his ex-girlfriend and business partner, Nikki Lund, filed a police report claiming the rocker assaulted her and threatened to kill her. Sambora will address the allegations when he returns home, his rep says.

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To be honest Denise Richards is much more than being the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen.

And still the actress is doing just fine in the industry with six upcoming movies, from which one is a TV movie.

Denice Richard recently acquired a role in an independent comedy named Saturday at The Starlight.We don’t know what kind of role Denise will be playing, but hoping that she would nail the job.Because she has nice experience of being an actress now.Trouble is brewing back home for Richie Sambora, but right now he is enjoying time in Bora Bora with his ex-wife Heather Locklear and their teenage daughter, Ava Sambora.“He and Heather wanted to spend quality time together with Ava as a family,” Sambora’s rep tells PEOPLE.Denise Richard has been in total six relationships till now.