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My spark was coming back and I was wet again between the legs.

A female led relationship is one where, the woman helps a man understand his desire, to help him be more intimate, passionate, trustworthy, faithful, and above all, loving.

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Erotic power is the unrestrained exploitation of his sexual desires and fantasies toward your personal goals.

Erotic power is the uninhibited expression of your femininity.

He was for sure the alpha male in the business world. What I realized is that most of the shots I was calling have become reasons for why we had virtually no sex life. I was a bit of a slut and had many lovers, all shapes, ages, colors and sizes.

Now I was happy once a month with my vibrator and getting mounted on rare occasions.

By far the simplest and most versatile conditioned stimulus is your voice you should develop conditioned stimuli for all his senses including vision and smell.

Each step I took created a spark in our marriage and improved or sex life. We were like 20 year old kids again except this time I knew what a sexual submissive was, I was getting to be my old slutty self again.

What I saw in the mirror woke me up, because I did not see myself as a 10, I have shut down as a woman, I shut down the bonding between us, I shut down my husband.

Now a marriage is a partnership and if he is bringing in the money, I need to bring in the sex. The more I explored the more my mind raced with ideas and plans.

It reads like it was written by men who fantasies about a women wanting to control every aspect of their lives.

Im not looking to turn my husband into a crossdressing sissy, Im looking to reconnect with my husband and take control of our sex life, improve or marriage.

Think about that, 66% of wifes could take control of their marriage and yet only 23% do!