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Understanding what your duties are as a dominant figure will ensure your dominance and affect the way you form relationships in the long run.

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It will be difficult for a man to develop and establish his dominance and make the relationship work if his role is constantly challenged by a woman who is also a partner in the dominant role.

If you want to have a thriving relationship in which you are “the man,” fulfilling the leadership/dominant role.

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This is only about knowing what role you need to take in which context in order to make things work for you and your family. You complain and whine that your man is not alpha or dominant? Because if not, it is only normal that this relationship turns into chaos, drama or dissatisfaction and frustration for both of you! Deep down it’s not about arrogance and pushing her around to make her see it your way.

Well, in return, what about your attitudes and behaviours? The modern feminists try to enforce this “girl power” role onto you that runs on double standards that drive women to take what they want from both roles while dumping everything that they don’t like in their male partners. Yes, this can be done as a “game” for excitement and attraction purposes, but you need to keep in mind from where it really comes from.At one point the woman must be “the woman” in the relationship, and take over her follower/submissive role and even the responsibilities that come with it.We can also see that this dynamic applies to same-sex relationships, too.A good dominant man ultimately wants that his woman experience satisfaction, pleasure and the freedom of being his submissive.But again, on the “presentation layer”, you can be cocky or even rough with her if she so desires it as long as she can feel that it’s all based on love and control.Does she want her husband to be a dominant alpha leader or a submissive beta follower?