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If he let his generals free there may have been a different outcome.Fighting on two fronts because of this methed up psycopath did you in.= Long-range, fast, maneuverable and easy to fly fighter. With a top speed in excess of 400mph, a heavy armament of four 20mm cannons, high maneuverability, and unlike most previous Japanese fighters armor protection for the pilot, along with self sealing fuel tanks made this aircraft a highly potent force to be reckoned with. It was more than a match for anything america could throw at it.

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For the first time, the Allies had a fast, maneuverable, high altitude single engined fighter, that could escort their heavy bombers to anywhere in Germany. , I watched a documentary on this the only way they could kill this was by destroying it on the ground, they were unstoppable in the air apart from landing and take off. ' Additionally when the French pilots serving with the Soviet Air Force were offered any British, American or Russian airplane to fly and chose the Yak-3 over all others. It was comparable to the rest of the best in other areas.This is What sets Merlin engined Mustangs apart from all other WWII fighters, others may have had similar performance, the Spitfire, the FW190D9, (The ME262 was a hundred mph faster. The Kurfurst model presented, was faster at 460mph than the P-51D mustangs top speed of 437mph, was more maneuverable, thanks to it's lighter weight and leading edge slats, and had vastly superior firepower in the form of three 30mm cannons and two 13mm heavy machine guns, compared to the stangs six dinky 12mm machine guns. Messerschmitt Me 262 Limited discussion with people who have intensely studied the Me 262 have stated two strategic problems... No B-17's crossing the channel to attack Hitler Iron Fortress! Better than the Mickey Mouse planes Republic P-47D Thunderbolt My Uncle was part of the 354th Fighter Group that forcibly turned in their P-51s for P-47s in 1944 and he always said that the P-47 in the hands of an experienced combat pilot was every bit as good a fighter in actual air combat as the P-51. The p_47 was built to last it had 8 50cal machine guns, long range and carried a impressive payload not to mention it was one if the biggest fighters that could take hits and still fly! Albeit I don't know if these pilots were the best ever, they may have developed bias for the plane they few in the soviet front, but it is still a great testimonial for the plane. From what I understand, maneuvering in air combat trumps all. Reliable, easy to fly and maintain, and lots of firepower in the lightest and most nimble fighter of the war.Some pilots, like our greatest ace Clive Caldwell flew p40s, Spits and mustangs and so were in a good position to ..To talk about Rolls-Royce-engined Mustangs not coming on stream in numbers until 1944 is rather disingenuous.Great Britain was at war with Germany in 1939, and the Royal Air Force needed fighter aircraft to compete against Messerschmitts.Don't forget he did not want to be disturbed on D-Day and delayed releasing much needed Panzer reserves for about 24 CRUCIAL hours. Best way to deal with getting your ass kicked Americans are biased. If any aircraft in the spitfire mk IXs time would meet it it would simply outclimb u and Bn Z u or manouver behind u and kill u, except if u are a Japanese but then the spit would fly away turn around going head on and rekk the Japanese. - corebare32 legit man Soviet Yakovlev Yak-3 In the end it was the opinion of pilots that matter.

Also the p51 has a British engine British gun and British design. When the German pilots were told to "avoid combat below five thousand metres with Yakovlev fighters lacking an oil cooler intake beneath the nose!The upside and downside of this is that you can shoot down the enemy quickly, but because there are no tracers at all the only indication that you are hitting the other plane is the other plane going down or catching on fire. Kawanishi N1K-J Shiden Most ww2 aviation enthusiasts talk about how outclassed Japanese fighters were near the end of the war, but there were quite a few that were more than a match for there American counterparts. It was fast, extremely maneuverable and very heavily armed, and armored.Another upside is that the other plane, (Lets just say for instance a zero.) might not know you are there until it is too late. Many people talk about how the Hellcat was the Zero killer, but few know about the aircraft which was the hellcat killer.But back to the ammo, most planes had either just Armor piercing tracer rounds, or a mixture of non tracer Armor piercing and Tracer. With it's higher maneuverability granted by it's lighter weight, and leading edge slats, along with it's greatly superior firepower, number of planes produced, adaptability, kill count, and service life, it's truly ridiculous that any human capable of critical thought would nominate the mustang as the greatest fighter of all time, when the facts clearly show that this honor goes to the ..= Easy to fly, fast and heavily armed. It did and extreme dive and as he pulled up, cut the Kate in half with the 6 50cal guns. The Jug was faster than a Mustang in a dive, and both the P-47 & P-51 had similar rates of climb and ..= Maybe the most armored and well-armed fighters of the war. It produced America's top ace, Richard Bong, and avenged Pearl Harbor when it shot down Admiral Yamamoto's transport plane. Because the lockheed p-38 lightning was the best climber.The 20mm allowed for a non-tracer High Explosive round, which tended to take planes down rather quickly. ENGINE: 1,790HP Rolls-Royce Packard/Merlin, V-12 radial. Only a part of the engine nacelle hit the side if the ship doing some minor damage. so it could shoot down the enemy and then go way up in the clouds.The P-51 had the forward facing guns of anywhere from 4 to 8 guns depending on which version and country the plane was to be flown by. To compare the fastest versions that saw service during the war, the P-51D top speed was 437mph, while the boyfriend-109H was 470mph. P-51 max range with external tanks was 1,650 miles, while the range of the boyfriend-109 was 1,491 miles. Dad was on the bridge manning the earphones and sending fire orders to the various stations when a Kate got through the flack and headed toward the bridge. An insanely powerful and big fighter with lots of firepower and armor. (435MPH @ 30K feet)ENGINE: 2,325HP Pratt & Whitney R-2800-2,, 18 cylinder radial. He felt the lower kill ratio was due to many inexperienced pilots flying the Jugs, many who didn't even see the enemy until they were heavily damaged. With a heavy armament packed into the nose, getting hit by a P-38 would mean defeat or a serious problem. It took out the Japanese top commander of the war, the one who took out Pearl Harbor.