lotl dating How important is attraction in christian dating

Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).A prospective husband or wife should be a genuine, born-again Christian who is growing and maturing in the faith and who is obedient to Christ.

Because of this, many of those friends have suggested (a number of times, in fact) that we date. In fact, I applaud your serious self-reflection, willingness to heed the advice of your community and desire to be a good friend to the Beast. We have some mutual friends and get along really well with each other.Two people having the same purpose in life—to glorify God in all they do—will find that their physical attraction to one another increases daily and lasts for a lifetime.Related Topics: Is there such a thing as soul mates? She reciprocates in chapter 8, describing her passion for him and her desire for his embrace.

Song of Songs is a beautiful depiction of conjugal love in which physical attraction is a component.

There are times—many of them, in fact—when an initial reaction is different than subsequent reactions. Now, let’s say this man begins talking to you and he’s just, to use the King James, a complete jerk. Be careful with ‘the Beast.’ Because while I don’t know him, he sounds like a lovely fella, and he’s probably/absolutely interested in you. As I’ve written before, I think there’s a limit to how friendly you can be without getting into murky waters. Please don’t believe the lie that you’re going to miss the only person you could ever be happy with.

I mean really, he’s talking about how much he hates Mother Teresa and thinks Cecil the Lion had it coming. Would you look at him and still be flushed at the sight of his beauty? I want you to feel and know that this is not a “decision” or something you have to talk yourself into or out of. The truth is, there are endless people in the world with whom you could have a wonderful relationship.

That which the world finds beautiful falls well below the standard of beauty described in Scripture.

Physical beauty fades with time, but true inner beauty shines forth from a woman who loves God (Proverbs ).

Question: "How important is physical attraction when looking for a spouse?