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Nor can they charge higher premiums based on your condition.

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Under HIPAA Law Section 1177, “Wrongful Disclosure of Individually Identifiable Health Information,” the U. Department of Labor can impose fines beginning at ,000 and/or up to a year in jail, all the way up to a fine of 0,000 and/or up to ten years in jail for an individual.

Under HIPAA rules, an “individual” can be a medical entity, institution, or an executive of either.

Gerard filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

The OCR found the HMO to be in direct violation of HIPAA.

After several tests, her physician told her she was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Several days later, Dave called Susan’s physician’s office, identified himself as her husband, and asked about Susan’s test results.

Gerard’s employer went out of business, but he was able to get full-time work with another company that provided an excellent health insurance package through an HMO.

A month after beginning his new job, Gerard received a letter from the HMO stating his pre-existing heart condition was excluded from coverage.

Health plan organizations Health plans include HMOs, PPOs, Medicaid, Medicare, and other individuals or medical groups that pay the cost of medical care for their insured.

Health care clearinghouses Health care clearinghouses include individuals or companies which are paid to process individuals’ personal health information (PHI).

Even if you were to find another health insurance company to cover your pre-existing condition, the premiums would be extremely high.