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The incident triggered a fierce month-long war with Israel, which ended in a ceasefire.

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Because the Zionist-controlled US diplomats fear to offend their Jewish enablers like AIPAC and its subsidiary, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

In another truth-telling moment, Ahmadinejad remarked to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on 15 September 2010 that “Obama is controlled by the Zionist Lobby in America.” Ahmadinejad expanded his assertion by defining Zionism as an ideology aimed at displacing the Palestinians from their rightful homeland: “Zionism is the widely accepted belief that Israel belongs to the Jews because they are the chosen people.

The party's rhetoric calls for the destruction of the state of Israel.

It views the Jewish state as occupied Muslim land and it argues that Israel has no right to exist.

Its critics, however, blamed it for provoking the massive destruction which Israel wreaked in Lebanon.

Despite two UN resolutions (1559 passed in 2004, and 1701, which halted the war) calling for disarming of militias in Lebanon, Hezbollah's military arm remains intact.In a separate case, the US allegedly evacuated ISIS commanders arrested by Iraqi security forces.Some of these terrorists were then transfered to Afghanistan.In the early days, its leaders imposed strict codes of Islamic behaviour on towns and villages in the south of the country - a move that was not universally popular with the region's citizens.But the party emphasises that its Islamic vision should not be interpreted as an intention to impose an Islamic society on the Lebanese.Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, senior commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force, has allegedly provided the country’s politicians with evdience confirming a cooperation between the US and ISIS.“When I was at the Foreign Ministry, I had a meeting with General Soleimani.