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A passionate photographer, she has published three books of her work, and she is the executive producer of Elephant, Gus Van Sant's controversial film about school shootings, which opened in the UK yesterday.

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"But as far as dating an older man, I think it makes you feel great because you're sharing the same kind of body problems.I felt more comfortable in the movie kissing Jack than I did Keanu; Keanu and I shared an awkwardness." Nowadays Keaton is constantly busy and, even if she felt so inclined, she probably would not find the time to go out on dates.Although she feels she would have accomplished more if she had, in her own words, been more ambitious, she has worked continuously for more than 30 years, in a diverse catalogue of roles, playing drama and comedy with equal aplomb.Her on-screen coupling with Jack Nicholson in Something's Gotta Give marks the first time they have worked together since Reds in 1981.Several months after their breakup, Harry and Erica meet by chance in a restaurant, where they have a fight.

As Erica walks away, Harry appears to have a heart attack.Both cannot say enough good things about the other and, in the months since filming finished, they have dined together and gone to the occasional basketball game – although she finds the idea of them being a romantic twosome risible."Jack and I would never get together like that," she says."We're both far too set in our ways." Then she laughs.Their solution is to test the waters through instant messaging on their laptop computers, even though they are in the same house.They find this form of mediated communication to be less risky than talking about their feelings in person Later in the film, computer mediated communication is part of a miscommunication between Harry and Erica.Harry and Julian reawaken her view of her own sex appeal.