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I mind my own business and can easily interact with anyone.

I am a brown lady born and raised in Am dark, tall n fit in body, am married with two beautiful daughter s.

It is as if when you solve one challenge, two new ones appear, but I actually love challenges… He also had amazing recommendations for all the other technical stuff we needed such as graphics, user interface etc.

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When you believe in yourself, it gives you a sense of fearlessness, because you know even if you lose one time, you will start again and win five-fold.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start an online based business?

However, current applications target economic, political, and social sectors including dating.

In the past, people turning to dating websites to connect with other singles looking for love.

I love nature and life; family is very important to me, I love travelling, cooking, reading and nature walks with the perfect company.

Ian Isherwood is a serial entrepreneur who has a deep passion for all things business.

The most popular dating apps in Africa are outlined below: The Los-Angeles based app is popular in South Africa.

The app is also gaining popularity in East Africa countries, especially in Kenya.

While other smaller cities in rural areas that are not exposed to the fast paced city life have a more reserved and conservative culture. The biggest challenge was trying to keep my members happy and ensure there was enough interaction on the site.

After all, singles join dating sites to meet other singles.

You are a pioneer in the online dating space in Kenya. It is a combination of both a personal tragedy and the experience of a very lonely single friend, in Nairobi, who expressed his frustrations at meeting quality women.