american asian dating woman Online and traditional dating

In the past, people would talk to friends and loved ones and establish new intimate dating relationships through school, work, or a variety of other places.

The world now is online and connected to the Internet more and more everyday.

Rebecca Miller said on a DB posting, “If all we did was what our mothers did, then the world and its customs would not evolve.” Nowadays, in our fast-paced and online world, people are changing the dating tradition; they are using the Internet to find love.

The next love of someone’s life can be found while sitting in the comforts of their own home or office; people no longer have to go out of their comfort zone to find somebody.Internet dating, although convenient and easy, has both good and bad sides.As this change is happening, more and more personal relationships are being established and maintained through online activities.Nowadays, people use the Internet to meet new friends and keep up our existing relationships through instant messaging, blogging, e-mail, social networking sites, and chatrooms, to name a few.Traditionally, people would look for that special someone in their life by going out and meeting new people in a variety of different places.

Our parents and grandparents didn’t have the internet, as we do now, to find their spouse or significant other; they went out, met their partner, and found love outside of the home.People are beginning relationships online without really knowing anything about a person; they aren’t truly getting to know each other on a personal level.Many people are a little too trusting online, they may look at someone’s profile and completely believe everything that is on it.When a person meets somebody online, they can take their time getting to know the other person before even meeting face-to-face.This gives a person as much time as they want to figure out if they are even interested in the other person, without putting to much pressure on either party.On the other hand, if the two parties decide, while chatting online, that there isn’t enough interest between them, it is easy to end the relationship without as much explanation because they may not yet have met in person.