It’s a two-sided transition, and very few people manage it gracefully’.I appreciated the fact that Levithan also incorporated negative perspectives into the plot line as a happy cheer squad for the boys’ record attempt would have been unrealistic even today in 2014.The insight of the narrators is as much the insight of the Generation X author Levithan, and allows him to use his experience as a much older person in his story telling but also allows him to write the voices of his contemporary characters simultaneously. ’ and shows the difference between the older generation and the younger, ‘Max is a marvel to us.


Bean’s century-plus history — is now the newest member of the University of New Hampshire Foundation’s board of directors.

– A student who proposed a cooperative full-service beekeeping business won the student track of the fifth annual New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge at the University of New Hampshire.

‘Two Boys Kissing’ is centred on seven gay male characters, all around seventeen years of age: the title comes from one couple’s attempt to break a Guinness World Record for longest continuous kiss (as the boys noted – the Guinness rules didn’t say it had to be two people of the opposite sex).

The record attempt by Harry and Craig is a political display, spurned by their anger at friend Tariq’s beating by a gang of guys while waiting at a bus stop at night.

The narrators are the gay men who have gone before these teenagers, those who were persecuted, those who died prematurely of HIV Aids, those who took their lives in despair.

It is an immensely moving narration and works beautifully.

Hope you enjoy - feel free to contribute to the conversation!

I like my YA fiction to celebrate and explore diversity: I also like my YA fiction to be cliché free and well written.

American author David Levithan’s ‘Two Boys Kissing’ ticked all those boxes.

I had seen a fair bit of discussion on social media at the time of its release last year and when I saw its cover recently, I was reminded that it was on my ‘to read’ list.

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