Russell simmons dating flaviana matata

Women supporting women Having following Flaviana’s journey and achievements I have come to realize that everything is possible and hard work pays regardless of what people say.

Go for what you want, work hard for it, be nice to people and give back.

Shaunie’s lawyers are demanding Shaq halt “further inappropriate discussions” with their children, which is an alleged violation of the non-disparagement provision of their divorce judgment.

Flaviana is an International model, a philanthropist, and a businesswoman.

She started her career in 2007 when she won Miss Universe Pageant in Tanzania and later she was the first person to represent Tanzania in the Miss Universe competition where she landed on number 6 after the semifinals.

The Flaviana Matata Foundation (Check her website here.) aims at making sure that underprivileged girls have equal chance to get education.

Projects under the Flaviana Matata Foundation include: There is something inspiring when you achieve your goals and you still take time to make sure your community is well taken care of. Business As I mentioned Flaviana is a successful businesswoman.

Russell Simmons is now three months in his new relationship with former 2007 Miss Tanzania, Flaviana Matata.

Congratulations to the new couple, and hope this one lasts.

Two people can live together while not being married, but a marriage brings in God’s blessings and that is what I believe makes it so special.

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Although, the couple has been dating for three months they only have been public for the past week.

Congratulations to the new couple, and hope this one lasts. The T that has been going around this week is that the famous couple Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting their first baby.

Imagine a place where girls can excel in education and be valued members of society.