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Sure thing – this collocation which is also an idiom at the same time (but do we really need to know what exactly it is to be able to use it in real life conversations?) can be used both as an affirmative reply and part of a sentence where you explain that something is very a universal phrase you can use in nearly all situations when you’re asked to explain something! – here’s a variation of the previous small-talk phrase, and pretty much the only difference is the word attached to the phrase which makes it useful in situations when you’re describing something ironic.

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It’s a way of programming yourself for success ❗ There’s one more thing – just another way of saying The great thing about… – here’s how you start a sentence when describing positive side of something: “The great thing about smartphones is that you can browse the Internet just as if you’re using a tablet!

” Do the right thing – this is a typical way of saying that one has to do what’s right and listen to one’s conscience.

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Conversational English is full of grammar “mistakes”!

😉 Things are looking up – means that you’re satisfied with your life and everything seems to be happening and you have to admit that you’re in a pretty bad situation at the moment.If you’re chatting with a friend of yours, Yes, if you just think about it, you can use “THING” in plenty of small talk phrases, and it makes it so much easier for us foreign English speakers to communicate effectively. Basically you don’t need to explain the problem in detail, you just use one or two words before the word “thing” that would make it clear what the story is about.Moreover, you don’t have to make sure they correspond to the rest of the sentence in terms of grammar, just stick them in – This whole …Typically it’s used when talking about some guy liking a girl – It’s not uncommon for native English speakers to use the word “thing” instead of finding the right word – especially if they’re in a hurry.I’m not saying you have to start speaking using super-simple language – my point is that you don’t have to stress out whenever you’re stuck for words.I recall an Irish work colleague of mine once complained that everything for her son is “yoke” these days – yoke this and yoke that.