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A Delta RPM contains the difference between an old and new version of a package.

In the past, the SUSE Linux company had focused on releasing the SUSE Linux Personal and SUSE Linux Professional box sets which included extensive printed documentation that was available for sale in retail stores.The company's ability to sell an open source product was largely due to the closed-source development process used.The community develops open SUSE collaboratively with its corporate sponsors through the Open Build Service, open QA, writing documentation, designing artwork, fostering discussions on open mailing lists and in Internet Relay Chat channels, and improving the open SUSE site through its wiki SUSE offers a stable base with its open SUSE Leap version.It comes in several editions for the x86 and x86-64 architectures (as for version 13.1): SUSE includes an installation and administration program called Ya ST ("Yet another Setup Tool") which handles hard disk partitioning, system setup, RPM package management, online updates, network and firewall configuration, user administration and more in an integrated interface.

In more recent times, many more Ya ST modules have been added, including one for Bluetooth support. Sa X2 was once integrated into Ya ST to change monitor settings, however with open SUSE 11.3 Sa X2 has been removed.

Over the years, Su SE Linux has gone from a status of a distribution with restrictive, delayed publications (2 months of waiting for those who had not bought the box, without ISOs available, but installation available via FTP) and a closed development model to a free distribution model with immediate and freely availability for all and transparent and open development.

On April 27, 2011, Attachmate completed its acquisition of Novell.

Attachmate split Novell into two autonomous business units, Novell and SUSE.

Attachmate made no changes to the relationship between SUSE (formerly Novell) and the open SUSE project.

Novell created open SUSE after purchasing Su SE Linux AG for US0 million on 4 November 2003.