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[block:image] [/block] [block:api-header] [/block] The **History** section displays a summary of recent changes made to a task.

I searched the internet but failed to find a solution matching my situation.

The most approximate one is about the cmos battery.

Enter the amount of time worked into the **Log Time** field and click **Save**.

This will deduct the entered time from the total estimated effort and update the number of hours remaining on the task.

After a power failure, I found my computer's system time is not updating after it is shutdown.

Every time the system boots up, the time remains the same as when it gets shutdown.Get System Time As File Time copies the time to a FILETIME structure.To set the system time, use the Set System Time function.[block:image] [/block] Editing the **Estimated Hrs Remaining** is a manual way of recording how much time you estimate the task will take.This is a great way to communicate that the time it will take for the task to be completed may be different to the **Allocated Hrs Remaining.** For example if you have 1 hour of **Allocated Hrs Remaining**, but an **Estimated Hrs Remaining** of 3, This would indicate that the task is going to go over budget by 2 hours.In reverse you may have 5 hrs allocated, but it may only take 2 hrs, so you would have an **Estimated Hrs Remaining** of 2.