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So when she told me they diy-ed it for around I was shocked! Well, turns out Donna had been crushing on the Brinkley Pottery Barn Mirror (pictured below) which retails for between 9-9.via Pottery Barn When she and Darrin were shopping at good old Target one day they crossed paths with this frameless beveled mirror pack.Also, I sensed that because there are dark framed wall art on two of the other walls in the room that having a dark frame on this wall would tie the room together and make this hallway wall feel less awkward. It had been from a framed picture that hung in our condo and after we moved I had put it in storage for a “just in case” scenario like this one (my home décor hoarding paid off):-) It was previously silver so I spray painted it a rubbed oil bronze finish and as you can see in the photo of the back of the frame below I just used the stiff card board that came with the frame to adhere mirrors.

So to the left of where you see the white tulips in the above picture I added a little bench seat and the Pottery Barn Brinkley Mirror Knockoff.I felt for this particular space that just (1) pack of the Target frameless beveled mirror tiles would do. One, because my living room is a pretty informal living room and I felt like the frameless version read too fancy for the room. With luck I had this frame on hand in the perfect size (27” x 40”) for the 6 mirror tiles.Then wipe the boards down where you will be staining them.This will open the pores in the wood, allowing it to soak even more of the stain in!Then adhere the mirrors with Liquid Nails to the MDF so that only the side boarder of the MDF is showing (like in the Pottery Barn version below).

And don’t forget to paint the sides of the MDF before you adhere the mirrors! I think painting the sides in a bright emerald green would be gorgeous in the right room. The color you choose to paint the sides in limitless!!It’s called water popping and it gives a very nice and smooth finish to your stain.Just dip a clean cloth in a bowl of water and wring it out.When they got home Darrin found a leftover piece of 1/2 inch thick mdf that he cut smaller than the perimeter of the mirror so that it didn’t show.Then he glued the mirror tiles to the mdf with Liquid Nails.I’ve been so excited to share this DIY because I think you will love it as much as I do!!!