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Although those freezes might also mean a SATA connection problem as I've suggested in my previous post.

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You could also download a RAM diagnostic tool to test your memory as well. Other than that, I'd recommend that you update your anti-virus program's database and make a full scan and do the same with an anti-malware program as well to see if they find any threats.

Do you get any specific errors at all when something like this happens?

And one time the computer booted up, i notices wifi was gone.

Looked in device manager and noticed that Windows couldn't start the adapter.

Although, it does seem to happen somewhat more often while I'm doing relatively "intensive" tasks, such as watching youtube videos and using skype.

Well I'd normally recommend that you do a system restore to a previous point, but you've already tried it and didn't prove useful.

Then went into Control Panel-Programs and did the uninstall.

Unfortunately the nag message to "reinstall" has resumed its annoying appearance. I've liked Spy Bot in the past, but this is very poor behavior from this program/vendor.

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After finishing and deleting a couple unnecessary bloatware programs, the problem only seemed to just get worse somehow.