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Michael Ford’s age is unknown but he was born Michael Jamar Ford and is an ordained minister.Michael Ford’s net worth hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s rumored to be about .0 million.Perhaps we assume still that men are heartless creatures who only think of themselves and their gratification.

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Ford doesn’t have an Instagram account, but his wife does and she has over 827k followers! Wyatt also suspects that Ford has been cheating and so far, her fans have come together to attack Ford on social media.You won’t find many photos of Ford on Wyatt’s Instagram account, but there is one photo of him licking her, instead of giving her a kiss., the R&B singer and her husband were supposed to work on their marriage but instead, viewers got a glimpse of Wyatt’s temper. The estranged couple also have a child in the hospital who is currently fighting cancer.In this particular situation Ke Ke took it to social media first, sharing that her husband of seven years wanted a divorce.We see this happen all the time unfortunately, but what makes Ke Ke’s case stand out? We had a chance to talk to the R&B crooner and reality star about music, her marriage, being a mom to eight children and how she maintains it all (stay tuned! In that vein, we wondered which of her singer-reality star co-stars would be the most likely to...well, you’ll see.

I love her to death, but when she get in that mood I be like, ‘Ok, girl. This is a prime example of why healing needs to take place before we get into committed relationships. My prayers go out to Ke Ke, Michael and their family during this time for healing and possible reconciliation.No matter what the current circumstances are, divorces are in no way easy to go through.But she said he told her that she was being an emotional wreck and doesn’t trust him.As you can see in his statement above, he is trying to frame this and himself in the most respectable light possible.At first I really wasn’t interested in talking about the Ke Ke Wyatt divorce situation or the rumor surrounding her potential marriage dissolution with her husband.