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I don’t know how I first landed my viewfinder on that window, or why I kept looking again after I spotted the couple.I think I bumped it accidentally and it went from a view of the heavens and straight into a view of my temporary neighbor’s bedroom. About 6″ dark hair, dark eyes and very obviously took good care of himself. It's as if Mick and Keef have extended a grubby paw apiece, and pulled us into their seedy world: welcome to Edith Grove, circa 1962.

Forego obnoxious tweens and an offensive bill at the local Odeon and instead head down to the House of Vans at Waterloo for an altogether more intimate and, indeed, stylish movie date.The late summer line-up includes includes iconic style flicks Dazed and Confused and Pulp Fiction but as no 'Most stylish film...' list would ever be complete without Anthony Minghella's The Talented Mr. And it's no more on-trend than it is right now, with Cuban Collars and resort shirts a-plenty on the catwalks and sidewalks alike this summer. More kitty money for the Italian sojourn, she'll be insisting you whisk her away on.If you want a date that packs a visual punch, then check out the performances at The Roundhouse this late summer.Returning in celebration of the venue's 50th anniversary, artist Ron Arad has re-installed his stunning 360° blank canvas performance space Curtain Call.Elsewhere, Martin Scorsese hails the band's endless ability to look as interesting as they sound, and we're bowled over to learn that none other than Delia Smith baked the cake that features on the cover of Let It Bleed.

Is there anyone who When money is no object, you can afford to realise some pretty outlandish ideas.

WEAR: Fred Perry X Raf Simons Polo Shirt If you haven't already been, you still have a month to get down to the Saatchi Gallery for Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones Exhibition before it skips across the pond to the Big Apple.

The first major and most comprehensive presentation of the band's personal archives sees nine themed galleries house photography, video, costume, stage sets and, of course, the instruments themselves.

I had been staying in my Uncles beach house alone for only a few days, waiting for the impending nuptials of my cousin.

Being alone, bored in a strange place, I explored a lot…and that’s when I discovered and started playing with his telescope.

Okay I should probably tell you that I’ve been watching his house for a few days. Looked almost like a poster boy for a roids campaign, but with how he faithfully got up every morning to run and seemed to disappear in the early evenings only to come back sweaty and in need of a shower made me think he had no preservatives added. I leaned in to look through the telescope and was brought short. The Beauty swayed this way and that, turning and slowly bending at the waist to slide her panties down her shapely legs, giving him what I was sure was an excellent view of her toned ass.