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Because I know how to play Roms on my actual PSP console because I put a CFW (Custom Firmware) on my psp.stying to want a dating si for guys is a over use of words cause say datings sim all are for guys Otome games are for females and im sorry i dont falloe traslation of VNs id try Tokimeki games if i were you"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine" When the union's inspiration through the workers' blood shall run There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one For the Union makes us strong Dizzy also has a partial patch for Oreimo, (only Kuroneko's route atm) there was a list somewhere on the forums, ill get it for you when i get home.

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Werde auch du Teil der wachsenden Single Community, flirte ausgelassen mit Gleichgesinnten und finde dein persönliches Glück.

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A derivative is "sharing Dutch", which stands for having a joint ownership of luxury goods.